XFree and freetype2

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sat Sep 7 14:53:38 PDT 2002

Dan Osterrath wrote:

>>Is the 6 version number accurate?  What do the updated versions offer
>>beyond what is in the XFree86 version?
>Probably freetype2's changelog could be a help. But it's to large to 
>post it here I think.
OK, I looked at the changelog.  XFree86 uses freetype 2.0.6 which was 
pretty current when Xfree 4.2 was released (Jan 2002). As best I can 
tell, there have been 2.0.7,  2.0.8, 2.1, and 2.1.2 released since then. 
 Looking at the changelog there have been a couple of of improvements 
that are labeled minor, but a lot of the changes were to fix build 
issues, remove compiler warnings, ensure support for OSX and other 
improvements that don't look like they affect Linux.  There is one 
comment about a 5% performance improvement, but I believe that is 
discussing rendering Adobe pdf files.  In the overall execution of 
XFree86, I doubt that improvment would be noticeable by the user.

  If someone wants to compose a paragraph describing how to use an 
external version of freetype. I'll consider putting it into the book.
  -- Bruce

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