XFree and freetype2

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Fri Sep 6 18:44:06 PDT 2002

Dan Osterrath wrote:

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>I think in the BLFS book should be mentioned that XFree can be linked against 
>an existing freetype version instead of using the shipped version.
>You have to add something like
>#define UseFreetype2 YES
>#define HasFreetype2 YES
>#define BuildFreetype2Library NO
>#define FreeType2Dir /usr
>#define BuildXftLibrary YES
>to config/cf/host.def for doing so. Before that you have to install freetype2 
>of course.
  I don't see any advantage in installing a separate version of 
freetype2.  In my mind, XFree86 is the first package someone will 
install if they are going to install any GUI.  XFree86 includes 
freetype2 so I don't see the need for a separate package.

  When we create host.def, it is merely a suggestion.  XFree86 will 
compile just fine without any host.def.  There are also a lot of 
definitions that could be discussed.  In one short chapter about the 
installation, I don't believe we con or should address every possible 
item that may be of interest.  We just present one combination that 
works.  This combination also implicitly suggests other ways of doing 
things. This follows the spirit of LFS: you can have it your way.  

  In light of the above, I do not see a compelling reason to chnage BLFS 
to address this issue.

  -- Bruce

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