kdebase patch for Netscape plugins

Kelledin kelledin+BLFS at skarpsey.dyndns.org
Fri Sep 6 10:02:11 PDT 2002

Due to changes in the C++ ABI between gcc-2 and gcc-3, certain 
closed-source Netscape plugins do not work when called by a 
gcc3-compiled Konqueror (part of kdebase).  Those of you running 
gcc3 and Mozilla probably already know about this issue.

The attached patch appears to fix the problem.  It's designed to 
apply to kdebase-3.0.3, but it _should_ apply just fine to 3.0.2 
as well.  Credit for providing the patch goes to Tushar 
Teredesai and his/her Mozilla hint (which in turn gives credit 
to someone else); I merely slapped the changes into konqueror's 
nspluginviewer source code.  It should be noted that once the 
changes are applied, the resulting nspluginviewer should NOT be 
fully stripped--a gentler "strip --strip-unneeded" should be 
used instead.

"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"
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