AM I done yet or are these errrors because the book isn't complete?

Larry Lawrence larry at
Tue Sep 3 20:49:04 PDT 2002

Steven Stimpson wrote:

> I installed all the gnome libs from the blfs cvs then i did gnome panel,
> gnome session, and gnome desktop. I edited my .xinitrc file and added
> gnome-session and gnome did boot up using tab window manager. there was an
> error that the setting applet had restarted too many times and that
> settings wont be applied during this session and it will be tried again
> the next time gnome starts up. i installed gnome midnight commander and
> there doesnt seem to be any mime data, ie it doesnt know what a tar file
> is or an rpm file when it used to. however, this is a gnome 1.4 app and
> the mime definitions may have changed. are the gnome-mime types i
> installed gnome2? basically what i am asking is all this normal at this
> stage in the game or did i go wrong using the CVS?
> thanks for any input

You need to install control-center, that will eliminate the error box.
I'm not sure about the mime-data problem.

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