bison downgrade for XFree86 4.2.1

Tushar T tush at
Wed Oct 30 08:38:57 PST 2002

Thomas de Roo wrote:

>The book (CVS) installs bison 1.75. So I did. But then I couldn't get XFree86 4.2.1 compiled. It crashed on 'bison -y xftgram.y'. (in xc/lib/Xft) After trying many thing, it turned out that installing bison 1.35 was the sollution! I'm not sure if this is a bug in bison or X, but it is in (B)LFS...
Bug in X. Someone posted a patch to one of the mailing lists. Attached 
is the patch.

PS: Crossposting to the BLFS list/group since this is a problem with X. 
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