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Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at speakeasy.net
Sun Oct 20 16:07:23 PDT 2002

Here's some points that should be corrected to make the samba build
entirely FHS-compliant... attached is a diff against the CVS source from a
few days ago.  It fixes FHS compliance, sets the new version to 2.2.6, as
well as a couple of minor grammatical slips.  The HTTP URL is changed to
one pointing directly to 2.2.6 in hopes that should someone be building a
version so out of date that the specific versioned source of samba is
gone, then it's a sign they should probably be updating their copy of BLFS
to something less ancient as well.

I also added the two commands that were explained but never given to the
actual command list.  It's hoped that folks might have enough sense not to
run those commands more than once.  ;)

Anyway... in the configuration part...  It should read

mkdir -p /etc/samba/private &&
mkdir -p /var/cache/samba &&
./configure --prefix=/usr \
  --sysconfdir=/etc \
  --localstatedir=/var \
  --with-fhs \
  --with-smbmount &&
make &&
make install &&
mv /usr/bin/smbmount /usr/bin/mount.smbfs
rm -rf /usr/private

The --with-fhs option is something I only noticed when I was halfway
through digging around in the configure script to find out which paths
were being set in what way.  It's _handy_.  The sysconfdir and
localstatedir directives are required because otherwise configure will
prefix them both with /usr (/usr/var... we don't need that for this.)
Sadly we've still got to make a few directories for samba because of it's
lazy Makefile, but better we specify the deepest one and add the -p option
to mkdir than have the users typing in four different commands.

The rm'ing of /usr/private is due to a bug stemming from
source/scripts/installbin.sh being fairly crudely written.

I'll spare you the exact differences in the file locations, because
frankly, some of the old ones were way off... especially the use of
/var/lock (not the right kind of lockfiles!).

I tossed in the --with-smbmount option because frankly, if you're going to
have them building a primary domain controller with it, then it's a pretty
small thing indeed to make it also build the one extra binary necessary to
giving the mount command the ability to deal with smb shares.  (mount -t
smbfs is pretty useful actually).  It doesn't change the binaries in any
other way, which is more than can be said of --with-quotas or --with-ssl
(which is a right pain in the neck sometimes--has anyone had any problems
with authentication to swat when linking to ssl using 0.9.6g?)

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