Shutdown Scripts (was wiser ifdown-eth0 script is needed)

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Sat Oct 19 18:06:37 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas  wrote in message:

> DJ Lucas wrote:
> K40sysklogd
> K50network
> K60sendsignals
> K70mountfs
> K80swap
> K90localnet
> K99halt/K99reboot
> DJ Lucas

Some points of interest Gerard brought up on LFS-Dev about this

Now you could be closing network interfaces while there are still
programs running that depend on it. Sure, they should be killed with an
appropriate K script but it doesn't always work out that way

Another one:
if you're using NFS you're killing the network before you had a chance
to run the mountfs script which umount the NFS shares. By disabling the
network before unmounting NFS, it'll go haywire and you'd get long
delays while NFS needs to timeout before mountfs continues.

So this script as it is now is broken in more than just a logical issue
as sendsignals is run before the net fs's are unmounted.  I'm thinking
about a mount_netfs script here for real now.  Check out the /etc/fstab
and look for nfs, and smb etc.

DJ Lucas

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