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El Sáb 19 Oct 2002 15:53 Larry Lawrence escrbió:
> I absolutely see the benefit of categorizing the "will utilize", but
> everytime I considered optional descriptions, I ended up with each
> dependency getting its own description (usually long).
> Again, my opinion, but the more space between the title and the install
> instructions the more likely to lose the readers attention.
> I hate chosing because there is lost opportunity here, but I chose two
> categories (Required, and "whatever")

I agree with this and, in my opinion, in the "Required" and "For extra 
functionality:* sections only should be listed the dependencies actualy 
needed for compiling the package with the current instructions in the book.

The others dependencies (for "exotic" options of configure, or used 
post-compilation in run time) can be listed after the explication of the 
comands, like a mention about their existencie and a reference to the 
package's docs for more information.

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