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Sat Oct 19 06:53:26 PDT 2002 wrote:

> I like this layout, but... *For extra functionality:* ¿This dependencies
> should be instaled before compiling the package? or ¿are this needed in
> run time, but not during the building?
I'll give my opinion as to why I am opposed to sub-catagories.

Let's go to an extreme. Abiword is good.

expat is listed under 'will utilize', but if you study the install, expat is 
required. It does this by putting a version of expat in the Abiword 
package.  If it doesn't find a copy it installs it for you.

--with-gnome in the configure line makes most of the 'will utilize' packages 
into required packages, so to be completely through, we would have to list 
all the optional configure flags and list which 'will utilize' becomes 
'required'.  This is quite an undertaking, the write-ups would become to  
long with too many options, but the testing of interoperatablility of BLFS 
as a whole goes to the order of impossible.

ispell is a 'functionality loss', you will not have a spell checker.

Mozilla is working toward this:
Required: ..
Can also be built against: QT or GTK
If GTK, will utilize:...
If QT, will utilize:...


I absolutely see the benefit of categorizing the "will utilize", but 
everytime I considered optional descriptions, I ended up with each 
dependency getting its own description (usually long).

Again, my opinion, but the more space between the title and the install 
instructions the more likely to lose the readers attention.

I hate chosing because there is lost opportunity here, but I chose two 
categories (Required, and "whatever")


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