kdelibs "recommended"-section update (20021009)

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Wed Oct 16 06:55:20 PDT 2002

Mark Hymers wrote:

>Just as a reminder to myself / Bruce (whoever gets to it first), we 
>should check we have all of these listed on the KDE depedency page

When I went through KDE,  I spent a lot of time looking at the configure 
scripts to see what they had embedded into the build process.  Those are 
the programs/libraries I put into KDE.  Looking at the page above, it is 
unclear whether all the recommendations are used in the build or simply 
can be added to the system sometime after KDE is built/installed.  For 
example, I never found a reference to "MySQL, PostgreSQL, or unixODBC 
for database support".

I also notice that they list a" recent version of Lesstif 
<http://www.lesstif.org/> or Motif for Netscape Communicator plugin 
support".  Now we do recommend lesstif in kdebase, but if its just for 
Netscape Communicator, I ask why. I don't think any LFSer uses 
Communicator any more and if its used only for browsers such as Mozilla, 
it certainly can be added after KDE.

My take on the list is that it should be analyzed, but taken with a 
grain of salt.  It looks like it *may* be outdated by more current KDE 
  -- Bruce

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