Dagmar d'Surreal dagmar at speakeasy.net
Tue Oct 15 22:58:39 PDT 2002

On Thu, 10 Oct 2002, Tushar T wrote:

> I dunno how accurate this info is but when I was reading abt Gentoo,
> their docs said something abt pkgs in /usr should not depend on packages
> in /opt i.e. packages in /opt should be self sustaining. Lot of
> non-gnome/post-gnome packages use Gnome Libraries.

You (and Gentoo) would be quite correct in this.  Glib/Gtk+ are the
"bridge" that make themselves more or less ubiquitous and qualifies Gnome
for residence in /usr with the rest of the respectable system binaries.
Audiofile and esound make things even more important in this respect.

The FHS should really have a paragraph added to it that says _explicitly_
that anything involving an entire OS distribution should probably _not_
use /opt themselves unless the software authors are requesting it, IMHO.
As it stands now you practically have to study the thing like the
apocrypha to figure this out for certain. The entire "life" of /opt
revolves around being able to get a weird binary package from some vendor,
untarring it into /opt/weirdbinarypackage, maybe running an installation
script to copy some things into /etc/opt/weirdbinarypackage or
/var/opt/weirdbinarypackage, and then to be able to run it.  Checkpoint
FW-1(*) and Oracle are pretty good examples of this sort of thing in
action.  In real life, very few things that aren't binary packages from a
special vendor can be so neatly tucked away into /opt.

(* whoever is responsible for the way the Solaris 2.6 packages for
   Checkpoint install themselves should be flogged, IMHO)

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