Shutdown Scripts (was wiser ifdown-eth0 script is needed)

Larry Lawrence larry at
Mon Oct 14 11:17:45 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:

> Does this break the firewall stop script or create a security
> vulnerability? Obviously the firewall has to be stopped before mountfs is
> run at 70, (before the disks are not writable), but does it need to be run
> after
> sendsignals for security reasons?  I'd think not as the network is already
> down.  But I seem to remember this being mentioned somewhere on
> not too long ago.
> Perhaps if one of the stop scripts failed to execute correctly, then this
> would leave a security vulnerability for a few brief seconds (1~5/100ths
> of
> a second??).  IIRC that was the jist of the discussion I had seen.
> DJ Lucas

No, the firewall stop is very flexable, if its used, it will need to read a 
disk file.  It has not been determined if it's even needed (i.e. the tables 
stay in memory until power loss).  There is a sense of vulnerability on 
both sides as we bring the network up, then set the firewall and have it 
sketched in to release the firewall, then bring down the network.

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