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Thu Oct 10 19:08:50 PDT 2002

Larry Lawrence wrote:

>This is your first time to compile Gnome, you don't know what to expect, You 
>have 50 packages to install and one error may break the whole process.
>Those of us who have done this know that if (I should say when) they make a 
>mistake, we may have to tell them to start over.
That is true for the entire LFS+BLFS, not just BLFS. That's parts of the 
learning process!

>How do we get a clean slate with a prefix other than /opt?  (Remember, in 
>the context of BLFS, we don't currently include a package management 
>system, Mark has discussed it and it will probably happen, but under the 
>current situation, it is not available).
BLFS should never include pkg management. Two reasons:

    * There are various schemes for managing packages and any one will
      not satisfy everyone.
    * Pkg management should be started when building LFS, so discussing
      package management in BLFS would be too late.

The best place for package management is in the hints or maybe as a 
seperate document with the various schemes being written by different 

So the user has decide how the packages will be managed. The job of BLFS 
is to install it in a standard way. Something which can easily go in 
/usr without hassles belongs in /usr. So Mozilla and lot of GNOME2 
packages would fall under that criteria. I dunno about GNOME1 since I 
don't have any gnome1 libraries on my system (except for the basic ones 
that mozilla requires).

>Are we out of compliance with FHS by using /opt? (I'm firmly in belief that 
>we are in compliance, so please be specific on your concerns)
I dunno how accurate this info is but when I was reading abt Gentoo, 
their docs said something abt pkgs in /usr should not depend on packages 
in /opt i.e. packages in /opt should be self sustaining. Lot of 
non-gnome/post-gnome packages use Gnome Libraries.

PS: I don't need to mention that everything written above should have 
IMO at the front:)

Tushar Teredesai
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