Wiser ifdown-eth0 script is needed

DJ Lucas dj_me at swbell.net
Thu Oct 10 18:45:11 PDT 2002

Larry Lawrence wrote:

> All the questions have to be answered before the recommendation is made to 
> LFS.  To do otherwise would be making the same error I made the first time.

Oh, I'm not claiming any responsibility to get it changed at the moment. 
   I think it should stay the way it is untill each maintainer has a 
chance to check out the above suggestion and be certain that it does not 
cause more than a simple change of a couple of link names.  To take 
Larry's statment above a step furthur...I would not even consider 
recomending a change in lfs-bootscripts until BLFS has reached a 1.0 
release, and we have a seperate devel vs stable base to work with.

 > (DJ -- my bluntness is not being directed at you or any particular
 > individual - your response above is exactly what I expected, I just
 > happen to attaching it to your email)

Guess I should have been more 'blunt' in my first statement! ;-)

DJ Lucas

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