Wiser ifdown-eth0 script is needed

Larry Lawrence larry at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Oct 10 17:04:27 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:

> There are still many questions to be answered
> on that...where does apache, dns, cvs, samba, or any of your file server
> software's startup scripts go?  Or are these handled by inted or xinetd?
> etc.
> I just figured let it be discussed here before making any suggestion to
> 'fix'
> lfs-bootscripts.  They are mildly broken IMO, but there are a hundred
> possible solutions.
> DJ

All the questions have to be answered before the recommendation is made to 
LFS.  To do otherwise would be making the same error I made the first time.

Just take this seriously, for those that don't remember, the changes to 
bootscripts made between 3.1 and 3.2 broke the entire BLFS project and the 
changes that made it into 3.3 were committed one day prior to release.  It 
could have been a whole lot worse.

(DJ -- my bluntness is not being directed at you or any particular 
individual - your response above is exactly what I expected, I just happen 
to attaching it to your email)

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