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Larry Lawrence larry at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Oct 10 16:40:39 PDT 2002

> You can't really expect a clean slate with _any_ of these packages if the
> user has been building things in bizarre and unusual ways before you got
> to 'em.  
We hope they have been good boys and girls and stuck with LFS/BLFS, but if 
not, we try to help them anyway.

> Thankfully it's pretty easy to cajole the build scripts as they
> stand now (in the past I bitched at plenty of people about it when I'd
> find one that was broken) into uninstalling packages with a simple `make
> prefix=/usr/stupid uninstall`.
So we need to state in the book that the build directories should not be 
deleted until Gnome is up and running?

>  - I'd really like someone to point out where in the Developer's guides
>   for either Gnome 1.4.x or Gnome 2.0.x the variable GNOME_LIBCONFIG is
>   cited.  I have never seen this sucker mentioned anywhere before.  The
>   fact that it's set to /usr/lib makes me suspect it's yet another case
>   of specifying defaults unnecessarily (which is bad--I'll 'splain later).

I didn't make it up, so I'll find my source.

>  - libaudiofile and esound should be removed from XII-41 as they are
>   dependencies of Gnome.  Considering that very little of section 41
>   appears be significantly dependent on anything else, I think it would
>   probably more useful if most of section 41 were moved into chapter III
>   with the other
>   libraries.  Just say so if the BLFS book isn't trying to follow the
>   top-to-bottom approach that the LFS book uses--otherwise I'm probably
>   going to have more things to say along these lines later on about other
>   packages.

So. BLFS isn't trying a top-to-bottom approach.  The locations were laid out 
in a discussion last June and will stay put (you do realize we are trying 
to get 1.0 out).  The simple answer is that libaudiofile is also a 
dependency of KDE and esound is a dependency of Enlightenment.  It worked 
the same for libxml and libxslt.

>  - The use of varying configuration options throughout the entire Gnome
>   section is a mess.  

You don't appreciate the effort it takes to test when a switch is needed and 
when it is not. :)  I think it makes a great point to those paying 
attention, those switches really do things.  Consistant switches would also 
go against your feelings on "setting defaults".

> Gnome-libs in particular makes my hair stand on end.

I'll agree with this, but probably not for the same reason.  Gnome-libs 
should use the /opt/gnome/var directory like the rest of gnome-1.4.

>  - Verily, I doth submit that the use of yon 'whilst' is summat foolish. 
>  ;)

That why I'm only the assistant editor.

I'll try to get to the other comments soon.  I do hope others chime in.

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