Wiser ifdown-eth0 script is needed

DJ Lucas dj_me at swbell.net
Thu Oct 10 16:14:13 PDT 2002

"Larry Lawrence" wrote in message
> If you are interested, I think it can be done with two moves -
> K80network --> K50network
> K50sendsignals --> K55sendsignals
> but I do not have the time to test all the possibilities and show support
> for that recommendation.
> Larry

Although this reply fits better for the most part on the LFS-Dev thread,
there is good reason to put it here too, so I decided to post it here
instead.  Please feel free to shoot me if I'm wrong about that.  ;-)

My most recent solution is simply to move network to K49 in both RL 0
and 6, which in turn leaves me 41-48 for network dependant kills.
Simple, not so elegant with all kills not being divisible by 5 :-), but it
works!  The reason it was decided not to include the move in the BLFS
book , IIRC, was to avoid a situation where if user updated
lfs-bootscripts, that they would not have K50network, K50sendsignals,
K55sendsignals....K80network (which would produce all kinds of fun
errors).  If it was moved in the book, then some of blfs may also have to
be updated to make sure that nothing is conflicting with things that should
be run after sendsignals?? (K50"s" falls pretty much towards the end of
the alphabet) and things that should be killed before network.  I don't
honestly know of every script in BLFS, and what effect moving that script
would have, hence why I remain neutral on the move in LFS.  I did a quick
browse about the book and didn't turn up any major issues.  However I
definately can't create an argument as to why network should be run
AFTER sendsignals either.  There are still many questions to be answered
on that...where does apache, dns, cvs, samba, or any of your file server
software's startup scripts go?  Or are these handled by inted or xinetd?
I just figured let it be discussed here before making any suggestion to
lfs-bootscripts.  They are mildly broken IMO, but there are a hundred
possible solutions.


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