Larry Lawrence larry at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Oct 10 06:23:27 PDT 2002

Ok , I woke up this morning with an open mind (well, not open, but there's a 

To generalize where we are in this discussion, each of you has made an 
educated decision as to where gnome goes. Now do the impossible and 
uneducate yourself.

This is your first time to compile Gnome, you don't know what to expect, You 
have 50 packages to install and one error may break the whole process.

Those of us who have done this know that if (I should say when) they make a 
mistake, we may have to tell them to start over.

How do we get a clean slate with a prefix other than /opt?  (Remember, in 
the context of BLFS, we don't currently include a package management 
system, Mark has discussed it and it will probably happen, but under the 
current situation, it is not available).

Are we out of compliance with FHS by using /opt? (I'm firmly in belief that 
we are in compliance, so please be specific on your concerns)

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