BLFS use of /opt

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sun Oct 6 09:01:17 PDT 2002

Mark Hymers wrote:

>As I mentioned in my previous email, I want to draw up a policy on the
>BLFS use of /opt.
>At the moment we use it in several places and ways (--> = symlink)
>/opt/qt --> /opt/qt-version (qt-3.0.5)
>/opt/kde --> /opt/kdeversion (kde303)
>/opt/java/j2sdk --> /opt/java/j2sdk-version
>Which to my mind is slightly messy.
>I think I'd quite like to standardise on the qt way albeit slightly
>modified.  Now, I know that people can vary from this (and indeed they
>are encouraged to do it their way) but I'd like the book to be
>consistent, so I propose something along these lines:
>so, from above we'd have:
>/opt/qt-3 --> /opt/qt-3.0.5
>/opt/kde-3 --> /opt/kde-3.0.3
>/opt/gnome-1 --> /opt/gnome-1.4
>/opt/gnome-2 --> /opt/gnome-2.0.WHATEVERITISNOW
>/opt/mozilla-1 --> /opt/mozilla-1.0.1
>/opt/java-1 --> /opt/java-1.4.0
>The instructions would use the proper path such as:
>./configure --prefix=/opt/qt-3.0.5 etc etc...
>./configure --prefix=/opt/kde-3.0.3 etc etc...
>But when we suggest adding things to /etc/ and /etc/man.conf 
>we'd add:
>I'm quite happy to make these changes as long as I get the OK from each
>of the other editors, I'll also write the page to go in the
>Does anyone have any objections to this or can forsee any problems it
>may cause?
I don't have a problems with most of the issues you raise, but there is 
one problem area in my mind.  I don't feel we should have the symlinks 
include the version number.  It makes no sense to have both qt-3 and 
qt-4 symlinks or kde-3 and kde-4 symlinks.  If this is done,  I'm sure 
some users would try to put both version in a path or in and 
one or the other (or both) would get screwed up.  The way things are 
now, if a user wants to change, a simple symbolic link change and 
running ldconfig is all that is necessary to change the system.

BTW, I used kde303 because it was easier to type than kde-3.0.3, but 
that can certainly be changed in the book with an entity update.  I'd 
suggest all these entries be put in the book as entities to make things 
easier to update.

Right now I have the following on my plate:
1.  Fix kde as you suggest above.
2.  Add some comments about configure options to the KDE intro.  Place a 
reference to these comments in aRts.
3.  Add xde, kdm
4.  Add cups

I am not planning on adding kdevelop and friends to KDE unless there is 
some demand.  I've never seen a request and IIRC its not covered in any 
of the KDE hints either so if there was a demand, someone would have 
spoken up by now.
  -- Bruce

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