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Tushar Teredesai tush at
Sun Oct 6 07:43:49 PDT 2002

Mark Hymers wrote:

>As I mentioned in my previous email, I want to draw up a policy on the
>BLFS use of /opt.
An additional policy in this regard could be when a package should be 
installaed to /opt and when to /usr. My policy is that to place a 
package in /opt when

    * it doesn't follow the proper directory structure
      PREFIX/{bin,include,sbin...} e.g. openoffice, j2sdk, ant, etc.
    * it should not be available for other packages to link against.
      e.g. gcc2 on a gcc3 system or db{1,2,3} libraries on a db-4 system.
    * it conflicts with an existing package e.g. phoenix when mozilla is
    * it is really huge and integrated e.g. kde.

The problem with putting packages in /opt is that many things may need 
to be changed - path, library path, manpath, infopath, path for pkgconfig.

Above policy places qt and mozilla in /usr. I also install gnome2 libs 
in /usr since I use kde and hence I don't need a full gnome install.

>I think I'd quite like to standardise on the qt way albeit slightly
>modified.  Now, I know that people can vary from this (and indeed they
>are encouraged to do it their way) but I'd like the book to be
>consistent, so I propose something along these lines:
How about the way the libraries are symlinked? e.g. for kde
/opt/kde -> /opt/kde-3
/opt/kde-3 -> /opt/kde-3.0.3

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