LFS-4.0 released

Mark Hymers markh at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 6 06:47:53 PDT 2002

On Sat, 05, Oct, 2002 at 06:47:14PM -0600, Gerard Beekmans spoke thus..
> Hi,
> LFS-4.0 has been released. Enjoy!

In which case it's probably time to define (this time *definately*)
what needs doing before BLFS-1.0: (you might want to read this with
tabstops set at 4!)

--> I need to read the whole book thoroughly and do my editor type bit
	(If changes are trivial, I'll just commit them but if there's a
	common theme running through or a major consistancy issue at stake, 
	I'll email blfs-dev with the patch for comments).
		Also in this bit are the changes to the package introductions,
		I'll start a new thread on this soon.
		I also have a list of notes I made during my recent desktop
		upgrade about things which need fixing in BLFS.

--> The following sections are still empty: (PART: Page)
    Introduction:	Asking for help and the FAQ
					Going Beyond BLFS
    Post-LFS:		/etc/profile and ~/.bash_*
					Man page issues (i'll base this on the man-hint)
					Configuring syslog
					Recompiling vim post-X (I'm thinking of removing this)
	Connect:		ISDN - We may have to drop this if no-one on the
						list has use of ISDN to write the page (I don't)
					PPPoE - Likewise
	ServerNet:		courier - I think we may remove this
	Content:		apache + php; Jesse is working on these
	KDE:			kdoc, kde-bindings, kde-sdk, kdevelop, kdm
	Xsoft:			gnucash, magicpoint and gimp
	Multimedia:		avifile, mplayer, xine
	PST:			Most of it ;-)

--> Things which don't have specific pages but which I think need
	Introduction:	BLFS use of /opt(*)
	Post-LFS:		note on installing Linux_PAM headers only
						(for those who want to install OO but don't need PAM)
	PST:			OK, we have two choices with this section: we either
					drop it entirely or pad it out slightly; I suggest
					just adding cups, ghostscript, sane and xsane which
					I have notes on here (I think Billy was working on
					cups anyways)

--> Update all packages to the newest version (unless there are reasons
	not to)
	Gpm - 	Downgrade to 1.19.6 because 1.20.0 seems to be incredibally
			buggy here - do other people see this as well?

(*) This is a technical discussion as well.  I'll open it up on another

OK, there's more there than I thought there was going to be.  Still, in
comparison to the size of the book we're nearly there.



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