Change to book generation

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Wed Oct 2 21:23:32 PDT 2002

Matthias Benkmann wrote:

>On Wed, 02 Oct 2002 10:35:35 -0500 Bruce Dubbs <bdubbs at> wrote:
>>Not really that different.  There are 12 diferences defined at w3c.  The
>I think the biggest problem is the syntax for tags without content, such
>as <br/> instead of <br>. I don't think <br/> or <br></br> is valid HTML,
>or is it?.
All the browsers I know about render these constructs properly.  In 
fact, the standard is to ignore tags that are unknown to the browser, so 
</br> or </hr> would be ignored anyway.  
  -- Bruce

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