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On Wed, 2 Oct 2002, Erika Pacholleck wrote:

> I'm currently not subscribed to any blfs list, so please ..
> book version: 2002-09-30
> page        : XFree86-4.2.1
> text        : host.def catting
> section     : /* Linux Distribution Information ...

This post brought it to my attention, so here's stuff that's wrong with
the XFree86 section...  CVS 9/30 verion...

Someone else has mentioned it recently, but here's another spot where it's
in the documentation.  The dreaded "redundant -fomit-frame-pointer".

According to the info pages for gcc...

     `-O2' turns on all optional optimizations except for loop
     unrolling, function inlining, and register renaming.

I'm pretty sure -fomit-frame-pointer is of that lot.  Furthermore,
-march=i686 would definitely not be appropriate for anyone who doesn't
have a 686 or better CPU.  Old pentiums fall right off the truck like
that.  I suspect maybe you intended to use -mcpu=i686, which would be

/* The font path can be redefined in the XF86Config file

#define DefaultFontPath

I wouldn't mess with that setting until (or unless) someone's had time to
poke around and ensure that it doesn't interfere with $(FONTDIR)/TTF,
which is where the Luxi* fonts get installed, and which is apparently used
regardless of what the FontPath setting is.  That is, unless this setting
undoes that--which would not be good.

The whole buisness below there of setting all those "defaults" to their
default values explicitly is a bad idea since it lends itself quite
readily to typos that can go unspotted for a long, long time.  The end
user's option is to re-type everything by hand, and risk making an error,
or doing the cut-n-paste thing that we so dislike.

In particular, I am not so sure that...

#define XAppLoadDir               EtcX11Directory/app-defaults

...is correct.  I'd check it personally but I'm pretty sure it's wrong,
and at the moment I'm neck-deep in trying to knock the rest of the build
bugs loose from gnome-core-1.4.2 *sigh*.

Further on towards the bottom the use of the filename XF86Config-4 is
used.  There's absolutely no need to use the "-4" ending unless you have
XFree86 3.x also installed.

Oh... and those symlinks (ln -sf /usr/X11R6/bin /usr/bin/X11) should be
chalked up to providing "FHS compliance" to "facilitate proper compilation
of legacy applications".  ;)  At some point someone should make a point of
letting the rest of the world know that LFS is FHS compliant.

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