Samba addition

Tobias Stöckmann tai.stoeck at
Tue Oct 1 01:55:38 PDT 2002

I think it could be mentioned that samba will make use of cups,
if it's compiled before. At least this will be usefull, because it is mentioned:
"The Samba package provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients."

If a person is going to install cups anyway (for example kde-packages), it
would be usefull to install it right now.

Another addition would be the installation of "smbmount" and "smbumount".
I think that this was mentioned in an early version of BLFS, but
"./configure [...] --with-smbmount" doesn't work on my system. I have to use
following commands:

make &&
make bin/smbmount &&
make bin/smbmnt &&
make bin/smbumount &&
make install &&
cp bin/{smbmount,smbmnt,smbumount} /usr/bin &&

Another "problem" is that samba creates /usr/private and /usr/var,
also these directories will never be used by samba nor another package.
A simple:

rmdir /usr/{private,var}

will help.
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