SUBMISSION: init scripts: random, portmap, nfs, sshd, mountnfs

Steven Elling foads2000 at
Tue Jan 8 23:37:42 PST 2002

Steven Elling wrote:

> You might of figured this out, but remove 'noauto' from your nfs fstab
> entries.  There is no need to worry about 'mountfs' (LFS 3.0) trying to
> mount them because in the script it uses the option '-t nonfs' to mount
> when "Mounting other local file systems...".

Woops. My bad.

I made a modification to the 'mountfs' script so it would only mount 
'local' file systems. I changed the section that mounts other file systems.
The '-t nonfs' option was added and the echo statement above it was changed 
to reflect local file system mounts.  The '-t' option can be expanded to 
include other networked file systems by using something like the following:
'mount -a -t nonfs,nosmbfs,nocoda,noncpfs'

The reason I did it this way is so the system can come up in single user 
mode or multi-user mode without the network and not delay the boot process 
due to networked file systems not being available.

I've included the modified version.

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