SUBMISSION: init scripts: random, portmap, nfs, sshd, mountnfs

Steven Elling foads2000 at
Tue Jan 8 20:40:30 PST 2002

Nicholas Leippe wrote:

> All of these scripts are based on other scripts and/or examples found
> included with the sources or in LFS hints documentation.


> mountnfs
> ========
> An attempt based on the template to mount/unmount nfs volumes.
> Unfortunately, it's 'start' doesn't work because you cannot:
>> mount -a -t nfs
> All of the nfs entries in fstab are necessarily 'noauto' optioned,
> mount -a skips them, strangely enough:
>> umount -a -t nfs
> works just fine.
> Not sure of a good solution for this short of parsing fstab to find
> the nfs entries, or making sure that portmap and nfs-client are
> started successfully before mountfs is called and letting that handle
> it by leaving off the 'noauto' option.

You might of figured this out, but remove 'noauto' from your nfs fstab 
entries.  There is no need to worry about 'mountfs' (LFS 3.0) trying to 
mount them because in the script it uses the option '-t nonfs' to mount 
when "Mounting other local file systems...".

I use the following fstab options for NFS mounts:

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