Creating a bootdisk

Greg Turpin gregturp at
Wed Jan 2 00:21:21 PST 2002

On Tuesday 01 January 2002 12:59 pm, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 January 2002 18:53, Florian Engelhardt wrote:
> > Tuesday, January 01, 2002, 6:34:06 PM, Florian Engelhardt wrote:
> > >> Can we find someone more clued up than me on this or at least have a
> > >> discussion?  I don't want to only put in the dd method if we can avoid
> > >> it (obviously it'll be there as *well* as the more advanced ones).
> > >
> > > make bzFloppy
> >
> > Sorry, it's obviously "make bzdisk", not bzFloppy (I don't use it that
> > often ;-))
> Isn't this the same thing as the dd method, exept now a script does the
> work for you? I think Mark means we should make a list of some packages
> which are needed as a _rescue_ disk, not a bootdisk.
> Fortunately I never needed the first, and for a bootdisk I use grub. I do
> have some ideas what should be on them. I suggest at least the following:
> grub/lilo, e2fstools (reiserfstools), dietlibc, util-linux, bash (or a
> smaller alternative?).

Have any of you tried HAL 91?  I absolutely love it.
Not only is it very functional and useful for troubleshooting - it
has a cool boot screen (the HAL "eye"). : )
Here's a good article about it:

Problem is - none of the links work.  I still have the image of it on my
hard drive.  If anyone wants it, just reply and I will attach it.

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