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Mon Feb 4 13:14:49 PST 2002

Hi everybody,

Phil Howard schrieb:
> I've installed a few things from BLFS and found some commands that
> were not described in the BLFS book.  I list them here in case you
> want to add them.  I don't know if these were missed, or are new
> in the upgraded versions I used.
> =============================================================================
> 1.
> Contents of iptables-1.2.5 (BLFS has 1.2.4):
> Note: I installed these with prefix=/ instead of the default.
> /sbin/iptables-restore
> /sbin/iptables-save

@Phil: until iptables-1.2.5 they were declared experimental, and because
of this not compiled by default. 

It's 3 weeks ago that I sent an uptdate to the list, but Mark, our
editor, seems to be busy with his exams, good luck - if still usefull!

Nonetheless, here's an update of my update, still applicable to Version
20020104 of the Beyond Linux From Scratch-Book.

Have a nice day,


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