Gnome update

Larry Lawrence larry at
Mon Aug 26 09:27:17 PDT 2002

>From where the book stands today, I will be adding:

libIDL-0.6.8 -> ORBit-0.5.8 -> gnome-libs-1.4.2 

This should give us capabilities to run gnome applications in other 
environments (KDE, sawfish, fluxbox, etc).

Then I am turning my attention to the Gnome2 desktop environment, which I 
personally don't think needs to be finished for BLFS-1.0 to go out, mainly 
becouse I don't think I can do it fast enough.  If I understand the 
process, the additions will go to cvs after the tagging of Version 1.0.

For those following this process, I have fallen off my neutral position.  
The main reason is that when you go to, you won't find any 
mention of gnome 1.4.  Go to get gnome and your presented 2.0 and 2.0.1.  I 
am also concerned that development will stop on the forked programs.

This is a heads up to Mark and others that if you want a full gnome 1.4 
environment, someone else will need to write instructions for the forked 
packages after those listed above.  Non-forked packages will be picked up 
in the Gnome2 installation.

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