FYI, inconsistency - not important?

Mark Hymers markh at
Sun Aug 25 16:46:01 PDT 2002

On Sun, 25, Aug, 2002 at 02:31:47PM -0400, Bill Maltby LFS Related spoke thus..
> Hi Folks,
> Hope this is the right place *and* of interest. They are the only occasion
> of this I have encountered so far.
> In the CVS pulled about 11:00 AM, EDT 8/25/2002 (Sun), in the XML stuff
> are these three items that seem inconsistent with the usual layout.
> x/installing/truetype.xml:   <ulink
> url=""/></screen>
> x/installing/truetype.xml:<screen>Download location: <ulink
> url=""/></screen>
> in section x/installing/xfree86/xfree86-intro.xml are the following
> (wrapped by my mailer),
> x/installing/xfree86/xfree86-intro.xml<screen><ulink 
> url=""/></screen>
> They are the *only* urls for a download package I see that do not
> terminate with an end-of-line.

These things are *certainly* of interest.  Especially now that we're
reaching the point where we start to tidy the book up for release.  Best
to send all such pointers to blfs-dev where we can be sure everyone will
pick them up (things can get lost on blfs-book amongst the bugzilla

I don't want to fix them because Bruce deals with the X chapter and I
don't want to conflict with any changes he may have ready to go in.
Therefore, I've cc'd this to blfs-dev.

Bruce, would it be possible for you to see to this in your next X



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