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Mark Hymers markh at
Sun Aug 25 07:46:51 PDT 2002

On Fri, 23, Aug, 2002 at 07:14:13PM -0500, Bruce Dubbs spoke thus..
> Yes, I'd like to do the update, and make some minor changes to XFree86 
> too.  Please tell me again the schedule and what you are going to do.  I 
> thought the deadline was for new packages, not updates to current ones. 
>  I've been awfully busy getting ready for the fall semester.  The most 
> important thing there is that I have to finish preparing for this new 
> course called Linux From Scratch :)

Yeah, you're right, the deadline is for new packages but having looked
through I see that there are a few things which I'd like in which aren't
in yet.

Therefore, I'm extending the deadline to Tuesday night GMT.  After that
(on wednesday), I intend to roll a BLFS-1.0-alpha1 release.  The main
aim of this is to give me practise at rolling a release and making sure
I know everything which has to be done (there's more than you'd think!)

I'm probably going to cut the following chapters from BLFS-1.0:

IV. Connecting to a network:     15. Other

XIII. Printing, Scanning and Typesetting :   45. Printing
                                             46. Scanning

I'll try and deal with chapter 43. Video utilities myself over the next
few days.


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