Package deadline approaching

Mark Hymers markh at
Fri Aug 23 15:47:54 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Well, tomorrow is the package deadline!

I'm prepared to make certain exceptions of which the main one at the
moment is gnome.  I'm afraid I haven't kept up with exactly how much is
missing but anything related to the gnome chapter can go in after

Any other exceptions which people want?

Jesse, will we have apache and php before the 1.0 release?
Bruce, will you want to update KDE to 3.0.3 before 1.0?

Can anybody else with anything please email me ASAP.

Anyway, I'll catch up with the blfs-{book,dev} lists tomorrow and make
some sort of announcement on what is going on.  I personally hope to do
qpopper, xinetd and leafnode before the deadline (as they're packages I
personally know about).



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