jdk-1.4 - a plea for help

mccrosky mccrosky at ualberta.ca
Fri Aug 16 17:57:09 PDT 2002

I would very much like to have jdk-1.4 on my powerpc system; however, it 
requires a jdk-1.4 for bootstrapping and the latest ppc jdk available is 

It seems it should be possible to crosscompile the jdk.  The only binaries 
created, AFAIK, come from plain C source.  I doubt it would be anything like 
easy, but if some brave soul would be willing to try and compile a powerpc 
jdk-1.4, I, and probably many other powerpc users would be very grateful.

If you're willing to try but think you need some help, I'll answer any 
questions I can.


	jesse McCrosky
	mccrosky at ualberta.ca

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