question about updates...

wim wim.villerius at
Fri Aug 16 17:58:49 PDT 2002

not for sure, bot iirc at least a minor update should overwrite all 
existing files (so you can savely install it in the same dir)

however it might be a good idea to install a pretty critical program 
like mysql in a seperate dir so you've always an easy way to recover an 
older version.

i would vote for a real BIG remark explaining and offering the 
possibility to use seperate dirs (but not using them by default)

that would at least be the most educational ;)

On Friday 16 August 2002 09:40, quinte wrote:
> what if a user want to upgrad eg. the mysql? is it clean to just
> install the new version over the old one or what should someone do if
> he first installed it from blfs?
> in my opinion i do always install several packages into a seperate
> folder like:
> /usr/local/mysql/VERION#
> do a symlink to it which is named current
> and in the scripts i use the sysmlink... this makes it for me easyer
> to upgrade... if this way will be used in future blfs or not i dont
> know... but i think we should discuss about it
> cya
> Stephan

Wim Villerius

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