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Mark Hymers markh at
Fri Aug 16 16:51:15 PDT 2002

On Thu, 08, Aug, 2002 at 04:15:31PM -0500, Kelledin spoke thus..
> > The only problem I have with shoving them in /opt is that
> > everytime you install a window manager you end up with a high
> > level directory and also that most WMs don't have so many
> > files that it's (IMO) worth having a seperate /opt/<WM>
> > directory for them.
> >
> > /usr is the catchall I suppose.
> As it is, I'd say /opt/$WMNAME is a fitting destination for any 
> window manager that is extremely large, extremely messy, or 
> creates its own widget set.  This primarily includes all 
> revisions of gnome and kde.  I tend to follow this convention 
> for other window managers just for consistency's sake, but 
> that's just a not-so-strong personal preference on my part.

I agree with /opt for *large* packages.  It's the smaller window
managers I'm worried about.  I think we'll go with /usr for now for the
packages which install only their binary, a few man pages and maybe 1/2
libraries.  That to my mind doesn't warrant a /opt/$WMNAME directory.

> FWIW, I also like to put qt 3.x in /opt/qt3, simply because it's 
> extremely large and messy, and it likes having its own directory 
> (a la $QTDIR).  Creating an extra high-level directory right 
> under /usr (like /usr/qt) is strongly discouraged (even 
> forbidden?) by the FHS; the FHS makes an exception for 
> /usr/X11R6 only because XFree86 has traditionally existed there 
> for ages.

/me nods.  Qt/Gnome/KDE/etc. really need to go in /opt due to their size
and as you say, FHS forbids extra dir creation under /usr - which makes
me wonder if we ever get X11R7, where would that go ;-)  </idle thought>


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