Bob Kimmel rkimmel at princeton.edu
Fri Aug 16 12:46:14 PDT 2002

> > OK, you have your reasons, and I have mine. I can live with that ;-)
> > 
> :-)  The patch has now been split in two - qmail-daemon.patch puts
> in the code to make qmail-start fork off a daemon, and qmail-dir.patch
> puts in the code to move /var/qmail/bin to /usr/sbin and
> /var/qmail/control to /etc/qmail (as per previous e-mail, it doesn't
> modify the makefile or other install files to do this - they have to
> be moved manually after installation).  FTP download now available at:
> 	ftp://malik.princeton.edu/qmail-daemon.patch.bz2
> 	ftp://malik.princeton.edu/qmail-dir.patch.bz2

One last thing - the patch program will complain a little on the
second patch if you haven't installed the qmail-smtpd-auth-0.31
patch first.  But, at least with my version of the patch program,
it still works...


Bob Kimmel
Bendheim Center for Finance
Department of Economics
Princeton University
rkimmel at princeton.edu

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