Bob Kimmel rkimmel at princeton.edu
Fri Aug 16 12:14:06 PDT 2002

> OK, you have your reasons, and I have mine. I can live with that ;-)

:-)  The patch has now been split in two - qmail-daemon.patch puts
in the code to make qmail-start fork off a daemon, and qmail-dir.patch
puts in the code to move /var/qmail/bin to /usr/sbin and
/var/qmail/control to /etc/qmail (as per previous e-mail, it doesn't
modify the makefile or other install files to do this - they have to
be moved manually after installation).  FTP download now available at:



> > Let's call licensing GPL.
> > 
> I am not sure about that.
> If I understand it correctly, Dr Bernstein has no objection to you
> creating, using and distributing a patch:
>         http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html
> The GPL includes the right to distribute binaries created from the
> source (if you make the source available).
> Dr Bernstein is not happy about binaries being distributed that
> are modified from his original:
>         http://cr.yp.to/distributors.html

Incidentally, it was after reading this last page some time ago that
I decided I don't want DJB to know I exist :-)

> So I think you cannot give people the right to distribute modified
> binaries because Dr Bernstein has forbidden that, and so you cannot
> distribute this patch under GPL.
> I am not a copyright lawyer, so please do not take my word for it.
> As we both like his software, I think we should make an effort
> to support Dr Bernstein's right to choose how his software is
> distributed.

I don't think it is an issue - someone creating a binary would
have permission to distribute it from me but not from DJB, and
so long as both the qmail source and my patch were used to create
the binary, one would need permission from both of us.

In any event, let's just call the patches public domain.  I said
GPL because I didn't want anyone modifying the patch, using it
to create a modified binary, and then distributing the binary
without distributing the modified patch.  But since the qmail
license precludes distribution of a modified binary anyway,
this would seem to be a non-issue.

Now someone can begin with my patch, write their own version of qmail
based on the patch, and distribute the binary without distributing
the source :-)


Bob Kimmel
Bendheim Center for Finance
Department of Economics
Princeton University
rkimmel at princeton.edu

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