Bob Kimmel rkimmel at princeton.edu
Fri Aug 16 08:53:13 PDT 2002

> * Bob Kimmel <rkimmel at princeton.edu> [2002-08-16 08:02]:
> > I wrote a patch to qmail that does two things:
> > 
> > (1) Puts the executables in /usr/sbin instead of /var/qmail/bin
> > 
> I could use that. I have /usr/sbin mounted ro, but that does not
> protect qmail even using a simlink for /var/qmail/bin.
> The same would apply to /var/qmail/control -> /etc/qmail

Well, the patch was small until I modified it to do this as well :-)
After this modification, /var/qmail/queue is the only item in
my /var/qmail directory, so the "queue" directory could be
removed as well and its contents moved into /var/qmail directly,
but I haven't incorporated that in the patch yet.

Testing on this new aspect of the patch is very minimal, but it
seems to work fine on my system - SMTP on port 25, authenticated
SMTPS on port 465, and POPS on port 995 all work fine with the
new configuration.  Note, however, the files are all still
installed in /var/qmail, and must be moved manually or by
script subsequent to the "make setup check".

> > (2) Has qmail-start fork a daemon
> > 
> Why? Cann't you just use the shell's '&' to start a separate process?
> I would have to reverse this part of your patch, or (on my system)
> init would restart qmail-start every few seconds.

IIRC, since I am starting it from a bootscript with loadproc,
this allows qmail-start to return a meaningful return value to
the startup script, rather than returning before it does
anything.  But maybe I'm not recalling correctly, and I just
didn't want to create a new script file to run from the
loadproc command.

In any event, it's easy to take it out, just delete lines
279-295 from the patch file.

> If this matters to you, how separating the patches?

FTP server is SNAFU at the moment, so attaching bzip'd file.
Let's call licensing GPL.


Bob Kimmel
Bendheim Center for Finance
Department of Economics
Princeton University
rkimmel at princeton.edu
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