Minor typo in XFree86 TrueType instructions

DJ Lucas dj_me at swbell.net
Tue Aug 13 10:57:16 PDT 2002


There are a couple of Xll's (XLL) instead of X11 (one one). 

It happen's twice in the following paragraph, not a big deal, but I'd have never noticed it if I hadn't gotten lazy and used gpm ;-)

Establish a TrueType font directory
The build of XFree86 as given above automatically creates a TrueType font directory: /usr/X11R6/lib/Xll/fonts/TTF. This directory is already has some TrueType fonts and is set up correctly. If this directory is satisfactory, copy any other TrueType fonts you want into that directory. If not, create a new directory, preferably in the /usr/X11R6/lib/Xll/fonts/ directory and put your TrueType fonts there. 

Sorry for not sending text-only, but it's easier to spot that way.


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