Killing the old tree

Oliver Brakmann obrakmann at
Tue Aug 13 07:50:09 PDT 2002

Hi Larry,

Larry Lawrence wrote...

> Happy and sad to see it go.  Could you remind me where to put patch files.  
> I have one for cdrdao-gcc31 and just created netkit-telnet-gcc31 (thanks to 
> Gentoo).  

I just took a look at that cdrdao patch and noticed that it is the one that
I posted here some time ago.
As you will remember, I warned that that patch is untested and asked for
anyone with knowledge of C++ to verify the patch, but haven't received any
feedback at all. So, did you?
I only know that cdrdao now compiles on my system, but I don't know if
the patch might have broken the CD Text stuff, because I don't use that.

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