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Wouter Van Hemel wouter at
Sun Aug 11 09:42:18 PDT 2002


I've got another pine patch that's pretty important for home users. Most
of these users use an elsewhere hosted (e.g. provider) mail address to
mail. When the 'From:' line in pine is not the same as
username at local.hostname (the name of the local machine), it adds a
'Sender:' address with this address in it (as it's supposted to do). The
problem with this is that many mta's on the 'net don't accept unresolvable

For instance, I mail from 'wouter at'. My localhost is This host does not exist, and I don't own that
domain either. So, when I mail with pine, a 'Sender:' address is attached:

From: Wouter Van Hemel <wouter at>

... and my message bounces with 'unresolvable sender address' when it
passes a growing group of mailservers.

This situation applies to most home users, since most of us don't really
have an existing hostname set as our local hostname. One solution would be
to set your local hostname to an existing hostname, such as, but this is even worse for obvious reasons.
Another solution is the tiny patch included here: it stops pine from
adding a 'Sender:' header. It also allows to change the 'Sender:' header
(by custom email headers in your configuration), if you'd like to point it
to your real email address.

Yes, this means that users can send spoofed mails as another user, but
they can do that anyway by calling the mta directly (that's what pine does

Take a look, please. It might help some poor souls who are loosing mails.


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