Install location for WM's

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Thu Aug 8 20:37:49 PDT 2002

Dieter Schmitz wrote:

>>Where is the default installation area for window managers.  They seem to 
>>default to /usr/local (which we move to /usr), but I'm tending to treat 
>>them like KDE and Gnome and install them in /opt.  I would like to solicit 
>>opinions and get a ruling from Mark.
>IHMO windowmanager are X stuff and should be installed in /usr/X11R6.
>AFAIK KDE/GNOME big optional packages with a lot of own libarys so it
>should be installed in /opt.
My feelings are that 'it depends'.  twm is in /usr/X11R6/bin/twm (as are 
a lot of traditional X applications) but I'm not sure how many related 
files it has.
  -- Bruce

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