BLFS-1.0 release date coinciding with LFS-4.0?

James Iwanek chthon at
Tue Aug 6 10:28:52 PDT 2002

Mark Hymers wrote:

> On Sun, 04, Aug, 2002 at 10:10:35AM +0000, James Iwanek spoke thus..
>> sorry about the delays to the gnome bit - its been a mad mouse here - im
>> moving house next friday, searching for a job, and trying to balence the
>> bills ;-) - i should have the gnome stuff ready for commit by thursday
>> nite tho
> Excellent.
> I never applied the old gnome patches you sent me as they were for the
> old book layout.  Was I meant to adapt them or are they included in your
> new set of patches?  (Sorry if I was meant to do it!)
> Mark

due to my current (lack) of free time i may not even be able to get the new 
patches to you by thursday nite (sorry) - the old patches have the correct 
content for the gnome chapter - could you adapt them for the new version of 
the book for me - sorry again for all the delays (i really wasnt expecting 
the move and all the rest so soon)

anyways - ill be afk till saturday/sunday, see ya later guys!


Ps: for anyone who dosnt know the story yet;

        my fiance moved in with me and my parents about three months ago
        we both applied for the housing list and they came up with a flat
        in stratford for us. we are spending the rest of the week decorating
        it and moving in.

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