reiserfsprogs removed

Billy O'Connor billy at
Tue Aug 6 05:36:56 PDT 2002

markh at (Mark Hymers) writes:
> On this subject, how do people think we should deal with the
> filesystems?  Is it just a matter of "this is how to install
> reiserfsprogs" or should there be a page at the start of the chapter
> pointing out that you need to take this into account at points p, l, a,
> c and e in the LFS build (random choice of letters there!)?
> Any comments?

My first build of cvs 20020804 was on a reiserfs partion(by mistake).
So the only thing missing was the utilities.  So that's the reiserfs
problem out of the way, with the new blfs section on reiser.

As for the rest of the filesystems, most require advanced preparation
and software to be installed on the host distro just to create the
partitions to mount $LFS on anyway, the installer surely would know
about that ahead of time, i.e., I don't think I would accidentally LFS
on a JFS/XFS partition.

Billy O'Connor
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