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Tue Aug 6 00:47:28 PDT 2002

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote:

> Yo,
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2002 at 02:55:59PM -0600, Rob 'Feztaa' Park wrote:
> > Putting it in BLFS doesn't make any sense, though. I can just see that
> > chapter now: "Hey guys, did you know that when you were building LFS,
> > there was a better filesystem you could have used? Looks like you can
> > start all over again if you want it! HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!"* :P
> *chuckles*  Thanks Feztaa.  I needed that.  You should spend some more
> time on #LFS.  I need to introduce you to a few ppl that have started
> showing up again. *eg*

I keep my own "book" with all the millions of adaptations from the book. I
keep it up to date "once in a while"... by looking at the LFS then I
follow my road.

> You did point out one important thing however.. how should I say this..
> brainless, perhaps?*  That people have become when it comes to
> installing and configurating software.  Just doing a "click, click"
> and/or copy&pasting.

Saaad panda !

> Keep in mind here, we are pushing for the education value also, remenber?
> Having too many options in the base, will only lead to confusion.
> Like Timothy mentioned, reiserfs was not totally ripped out, there are
> still pointers to other documentation and resources.  Mentioning the
> possibilities of using reiserfs (or XFS, ext3, etc), which will all
> eventually make it into the blfs-book.  So docs for them and support, is
> not going away; just shifting focus and direction.
> Besides.. we _encourage_ deviations from the book.  We just don't think
> we need to *support* and *include* every single possibility in the
> lfs-book.

/me devious by nature ;-)

----- 8< ---

> Lazy <canadian style>Eh?</canadian style>.  Welcome to hell then.  I may
> consider myself a lazy bastard...however, that does not mean I need nor
> want my hand held the entire time i'm doing something.

Thats why my book looks like a big bash script ... I work hard to be lazy

----- 8< -------

> So... to all of you people considering using lfs, or are using lfs that
> are a bunch of lazy bastards that aren't even willing to deviate a
> single bit just because you hold this little piece of digital
> information so highly;  Quit.

Damn , I lost my lazy title ....

> Go use gentoo.  There you have a _distrobution_ which will do all LFS is
> doing (building from scratch/source) while having a very kewl package
> manager that's on par (imho) with the likes of Debian.  Ultimate
> lazyness.  Push a button and your hole systems get's rebuild, what more
> could you ask for?!?

I am not that lazy ... and gentoo won't cut it for me ...

> For those that are like myself, or those that aren't even lazy.  Here,
> here.  You know what you have todo.  Let's start my master plan and
> move the newbies and people that are stubborn freaks that don't want to
> learn and throw them at gentoo.  Means more room for us and others like
> us that like to explore and try new things.

Try new things ? ever tried the kitchen table ? it is great ...
Oups, we talk about LFS here ... -blushes-

> Heck, I bet most of us would still be using Windows if it wasn't so god
> damn unstable (which in recent years, is not so much of an issue)...

Can I be still using Slowlaris instead ?

> So yeah.. anyways.  Enough ranting, HIghoS.  Stop folling around and get
> back to doing something usefull.  *slaps himself*  That's the way I see
> it.  That's the way id like things.. but as we all know;  Life isn't
> like that.
> [*]:  People, don't take me too seriously, ok?  I *am* joking/ranting here.

Ok now this make sense, BTW did you ever try to "make sense" ? never
worked for me till I added it in a Makefile ...


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