dhcp ifdown

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Tue Apr 30 14:27:38 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:
> That's very good, becuase I have had absolutely no luck making pump 
> work.  All I get is "operation failed" and I've tried a couple of 
> different versions of the supporting libs.  Keep in mind I'm still 
> running on a pretty much base build of LFS. To make it work requires: 
> newt; popt; python; slang; tcl/tk.  Admittedly, I should've had some of 
> them installed already.
> Looks like the 0.8.11 source was current as of march 1, 2001.  RH 7.2 
> includes this version (7th revision), but also includes dhcp and dhcpcd. 
> Rawhide also includes the same package.  So I would guestimate that it 
> is the latest and greatest.  I wasn't able to make it run 
> correctly....YET.  Probably not good for blfs, but I'm going to make it 
> work anyways. lol  At anyrate, I figured I give everyone the update on 
> what I managed to find about it.  Also, what are the current clients 
> that we would like to include? Prior to this, I had only known about 
> dhcpcd and the ISC client.

I had pump as a part of Madrake 6.5.  My DSL connection would go down 
periodically and pump didn't hanle it well.  dhcpcd has worked much 
better.  I think that the book should recommend against using something 
that apparently is not being maintained and has known problems.
   -- Bruce

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