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Chris Lynn chris at
Tue Apr 30 02:35:49 PDT 2002

> Hi,

Hiya :)

> You know the host.def file you created *ages* ago for the gnome hint?
> Well, as you may know, we're going to use a commented version for the
> BLFS book.  This bit of discussion came up on blfs-dev:
> -------------------------------------
> > #define LinuxMachineDefines  -D__i686 -D__i686__ -D__pentiumpro
> > -D__pentiumpro__
> >
> > [Why should we do this?  The -march switch above should take care of
> > it.]

Ah!  Wel it has to do with how some of the XFree code is layed out.  Yes the
#define DefaultGcc2i386Opt *should* take car of it, however some of the
drivers make use of the p-pro and i686 instruction sets, and to know if to
those bits of the code, it looks for a -D (a compile time #define switch).
Now for the most part its not a big deal, however mca and I were in a
"Optimise to the MAX" phase at the time. ;-)

> I wonder why Chris and Jeremy put this in then?  I'll send a copy of
> this part of the email to them and see if they respond.  [Chris and
> Jeremy, can you reply to blfs-dev please if you have time; thanks, Mark]
> -------------------------------------
> If you can remember, can you let me or the blfs-dev list know why this
> was included.
> Thanks, and BTW, the commented version is available in:
> [current version is 0.1a]

Ya looks very good, however i'd make a note in the Video Drivers section
that you really only need to build the drivers for your specific card plus a
extra just for safety.  ie.

#define XF86CardDrivers 	mga \
AgpGartDrivers DevelDrivers \
vesa vga XF86OSCardDrivers

And thats because I use the matrox drivers.  Also the UseMatroxHal is
only needed by matrox cards, i'm fairly sure it doesnt hurt to build the
mga_hal.o but... well its your cpu cycles ;-)

One last thing to mention would be the building of the lates kernel DRM
drivers.  Some times the drm will fail to load properly for some cards,
so you can build the lates kernel drivers from within the xc directory
tree somewhere... Unfortunatly i'm suffering in the worl of Windows atm
otherwise i'd look it up for you... A quick $ find . | grep kernel should
find the right directory...  If you cant find it just give us a hollar,
either on IRC
(when I finally get back there :-() or via follow-up email.



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