dhcp ifdown

DJ Lucas dj_me at swbell.net
Fri Apr 26 13:47:50 PDT 2002

That's very good, becuase I have had absolutely no luck making pump 
work.  All I get is "operation failed" and I've tried a couple of 
different versions of the supporting libs.  Keep in mind I'm still 
running on a pretty much base build of LFS. To make it work requires: 
newt; popt; python; slang; tcl/tk.  Admittedly, I should've had some of 
them installed already.
Looks like the 0.8.11 source was current as of march 1, 2001.  RH 7.2 
includes this version (7th revision), but also includes dhcp and dhcpcd. 
Rawhide also includes the same package.  So I would guestimate that it 
is the latest and greatest.  I wasn't able to make it run 
correctly....YET.  Probably not good for blfs, but I'm going to make it 
work anyways. lol  At anyrate, I figured I give everyone the update on 
what I managed to find about it.  Also, what are the current clients 
that we would like to include? Prior to this, I had only known about 
dhcpcd and the ISC client.


D.J. Lucas

Larry Lawrence wrote:

>"DJ Lucas" <dj_me at swbell.net> wrote in message
>news:000601c1ed6f$b7e73420$ad01a8c0 at americas.cpqcorp.net...
>>best I can tell 0.8.11 is latest version of pump..is this corrrect?
>Funny you should ask, while I was looking for it today, I never did find
>the program.  I found the manpage, which was what I needed.  I had
>thought that I would add it to the clients list, but I concluded that it
>wasn't maintained anymore and gave up.  I keep running into references
>that it was a RedHat written package (which I didn't know), but I looked
>back and it seems RedHat has been using dhcpcd for quite a while.  I
>also saw quite of few unkind remarks towards pump.  I know that I didn't
>see a version 1.x.x so I suspect you found the latest.

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