dhcpd configuration

Larry Lawrence llawre_ at excite.com
Thu Apr 25 07:51:49 PDT 2002

DJ Lucas wrote:

> Hello,
> dhclient does not require that you run ifconfig eth0 down exactly..  you
> can use the the -r flag. This won't kill the daemon, however it will
> release the
> IP correctly, and down the interface.   Hope this helps...better yet why
> not force the use of the full path in the variable name, and force that
> the
> script uses the correct flags for downing the interface?  It would require
> only one more variable in ifconfig.ethX and no if/then statemenst in
> ifdown.ethX.  For instance...(untested of course) ifup is "$DHCP_PROG
> $DHCP_OPT ethX"  and ifdown uses "$DHCP_PROG $DHCP_STOP ethX".

I guessing that dhclient -r will kill the daemon (my interpretation of 
'client will exit').  The design model of the two clients are just too 
different.  dhclient can handle multiple cards, but it's all up on first 
call and all down on exit. Ok, but it dosn't fit [cleanly] into the 
scripting model we are using for ifup / ifdown which implies that each 
interface (ethx, pppx, etc) is independent.

DHCP_STOP may yet be necessary as we add additional clients.  My hope is 
that the ifconfig down/killproc is generic enough to handle all other 
clients until this script matures.


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