XFree86 4.2

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Mon Apr 22 15:06:06 PDT 2002

Larry Lawrence wrote:
>>Looked over my 4.2 using host.def referred to by Mark.  DRI is included so
>>appropriate modules were built.  It builds a range of modules, looks like
>>upgrading becomes as easy as changing XF86Config (we'll let mark test
> The modules for DRI (kernel/char/drm) were built when I compiled the kernel, 
> so my comment on building a range of modules is inaccurate for X 4.2.
>>I did not modify any X scripts and a startx command loaded the module (no
>>entry in modules.conf), so you should not need a init script.

The rules for compiling DRI are basically at:


I was going to use that plus my notes plus the X hints to write the BLFS 
chapter for X.  I will also look at Mark's host.def file and merge 
everything together.  The complication seems to be on the Voodoo cards. 
  They need a little extra.

I need to work with the system a little more to check out the module 
loading.  modprobe and insmod both work, but the system didn't autoload 
the r128.o module for me.

I have a Rage 128 Pro that I bought last week just for DRI ($38 at the 
local computer show).  For a benchmark, glxgears gives me about 500 FPS 
at default size and ~30 FPS at full screen (1600 x 1200).

   -- Bruce

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